About Cravy’s

Every once in a while, we come across a meal that creates a blissful feeling which is indescribable.

We are two Mediterranean food lovers always ready to travel as far as necessary to find the perfect dishes. In a year where we couldn’t exactly fly off to the beautiful countries across the ocean, we knew we had to find a way to make the food come to us. A way to enjoy the food we grew up loving without having to leave the couch.

At Cravy’s, we are on a mission to provide a memorable gourmet experience by bringing unique, specialty Mediterranean food right to you so your kitchen can transport you overseas. We seek to expand your mind and palate. We partner with incredible restaurants around the U.S to bring you the joy of authentic and mouthwatering cuisines.

In the Mediterranean culture, sharing delicious food with our loved ones is paramount to how we socialize. Best enjoyed with family and friends, our curated gourmet meal boxes empower local businesses and deliver food that comes with a story.

Cravy’s enables you to discover unique flavors, recreate memories, and enjoy a cultural experience wherever you are.

Elif Yılanlıoğlu Arsoy

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Banu Koçak Özkaya

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